Summer Sostice

Happy Summer Solstice! and a near full Strawberry Moon to boot. I’m happy announce a
Basic Jin Shin Do® workshop Sept 26th-30th (during a lunar eclipse). More info below!

The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year and the ‘birth of darkness’. The days get shorter from here on, which can be a good thing as these long days are very stimulating. In 5 Element theory we are shifting from Fire to Earth. We are starting to see the fruits of our labours and coming into juicy earth season which brings warmth and abundance. It reminds me of the jazz song: “Summertime… the livin’s easy!”. This time can shed light on our lives and issues and also how far we have come. It’s always good to look at what you have accomplished in the past year. Whether you journal, do art, or simply take a few moments to reflect, you may be surprised. It’s a great time to reward yourself for what you have been through and the light you bring. Some ideas include: bodywork, a yoga retreat, a campfire, etc. How good can you allow it to be? Here’s a link for some beautiful solstice cookies:

    Basic Jin Shin Do® Workshop:

This is an amazing opportunity as my teacher Tolling Jennings is coming to Cortes Island. He and his wife Kay are very special master teachers will not be teaching much longer. It’s so wonderful they are coming to us! You will learn the most powerful release patterns JSD offers AND receive 5 days of bodywork sessions. It’s a potentially transformational experience. It certainly was for me. Contact me asap if you are interested.
Costs and class description here:

Come down for some bodywork! On a sunny day we will do it by the lake.

I will be at the Manson’s and Gorge markets doing chair massage starting July 1st.

Spring cleaning

Birth and death… sorrow and joy…the moon and sun are opposed on the spring equinox and at this time we experience emotions and happenings more intensely. Just look at typical Spring weather.

In my own life…in the Spring we migrate back to BC after the Winter spent in Mexico. This causes me to do a ‘forced’ spring cleaning. As I am packing and cleaning, I go through everything I own and decide what is important enough to pack and store. These days when I am deciding what stays and what to purge, I ask myself do I love this? do I feel something.. a tingle? when I hold it up? Here are some tips for Spring cleaning I am inspired by:

Soon after we returned home my 92 year old grandfather ‘Papa’ chose to pass away. We flew up to Penticton and ended up missing his death by minutes. It was okay. Everything is as it should be. I know I was not meant to be there for his passing simply because I wasn’t there! Its important to know that death is like birth in that we can plan it all we want but it will never go exactly as planned.. My aunt had been at his side for two weeks and had not left him alone for 48 hours. She left for one hour and he died. I’ve heard many cases of this happening. I find it helpful not to argue with reality. If it’s dark outside don’t turn the lights up bright. If you weren’t there, you weren’t meant to be there. I think there is a huge void in our culture surrounding death. We are afraid of it, we try to sweep it under the carpet and forget about it. Marisol and I went to see Papa’s body in his room. He had died peacefully with his eyes closed, but he did not look like he was sleeping, he looked dead. Marisol was not sombre nor sad. She was joyfully spinning around and being 3. When it was time to leave I asked her to say goodbye and she called ‘bye Papa!’ over her shoulder like any other day. Children understand death inherently then learn to be sad and afraid of it. Also, in other cultures such as Japan and Mexico of which I have experienced first hand; graves and shrines are kept for the dead and in the fall they have special parties for the dead (Obon and Day of the Dead) during which the ancestors are honoured and fed. I really think this is lacking in our culture and as Stephen Jenkinson says: “the ancestors are starving”. I have seen him speak whenever I have had a chance and recommend his work:

We are ‘home’ on Cortes now. Spring cleaning… unpacking… getting back into routine. I look at Spring as chance for a new and improved routine. I am implementing my ayurvedic routine/yogic lifestyle. These days I am focusing on the habits of light early dinners, early bedtime and morning meditation. Cortes is the perfect place for this!


Watch for my upcoming Intro to Jin Shin Do workshop. A day of bodywork and life enhancing skills.

Winter Solstice Newsletter

This time of year can be challenging with the long nights and short days. These days I winter in Mexico, but I remember as a kid walking to the bus stop in darkness and returning home from school in darkness. It seemed wrong! Even in Mexico we feel the transition, the days are so short we often feel ready for bed at 6 or 7pm. Every year I research what we ‘should be doing’ for the winter solstice and I think it’s important to remember the meaning so that we can better cope with the darkness. The sun is now finishing its journey south and will seemingly stand still before it begins its return north. It’s a turning point… the birth of the sun. Interesting how in Christianity, winter solstice is celebrated as “the birth of The Son”. Ancient traditions referred to night as ‘mother darkness’ who gives birth to the light. The return of the light brings hope and newness. Above all at this time of year we need rest. No need to hustle, stress and work long hours. Something to keep in mind is to not be busy with resistance. There is beauty and magic to be had if we will allow it. Sleep, limit screen time, walk, meditate, do yoga etc. The solstice is a gateway, look for subtle shifts and openings. We too can ‘stand still’ and contemplate changes in direction, and also recognize and honour the things we have completed.

At our home in Mexico the snake has come to visit. There were two different snakes sighted in our garden (for the first time) on the winter solstice, and we found a snake skin which had been shed in our yard. The timing is interesting… snakes hide in darkness and emerge to bask in the warm sun. They shed their skin when the new skin underneath is ready. Snake calculates patiently and strikes with precision. They also represent kundalini energy, the life force energy which runs up and down our spine. So the snake is a perfect totem for the winter solstice transition.

marisol snake
Marisol likes her gift from the snake but says she still wants my little ponies for Christmas!

Our neighbour who revealed itself on Winter Solstice.

Some yoga tips:

Cobra Pose2
Cobra Pose or Bhujangasana
It can be a wonderful chest opener, mild back bend and can help the lower back if done consciously and correctly. It’s good for respiratory ailments, sciatica, shoulder and arm strengthening. Be careful! This is one pose which seems easy and simple but can hurt your lower back or neck. Remember, it’s about opening the chest.

-note where you are grounded (your pubic bone, the thighs, your hands)
-check the neck for tension, if there is tension, lower your gaze until the tension is gone
-keep the buttocks relaxed
-don’t pinch the lower back, keep the spine long and free as in all poses.
-start with the modified version, arms bent, elbows on the ground, and keep it to a short time just to let your body feel it.
-watch the masters do this pose: babies! they do it with ease and joy.

Here is a kundalini image representing the energy force in our spine. Not coincidentally it looks like a DNA image. The Indian sages used recognizable images to help explain energy and science.

Have a great Winter Solstice and we can all look forward to longer days! Happy Holidays.

Autumn Equinox Newsletter

I spent the Autumn Equinox taking an intensive teacher training in Jin Shin Do® on Lasqueti
Island. The equinox was framed by solar and lunar eclipses. The equinox signifies the
transition from Summer to Fall or in five element theory; Earth to Metal. Earth time is
juicy, summer, warm, harvest, feasting on fresh fruit and veggies, spending time outdoors.
Metal is when we finish up and process the harvest, we see the plants start to lose their
leaves, going inward and rooting into the ground. The weather turns cold and windy, it’s
time to light the fire and eat oatmeal with fruit preserves. Fall is also a great time to
purge the home and cleanse the body. Here is my favorite free detox guide

During the course we did did Qi Gong daily. We studied theory and practiced Jin Shin Do®
on each other, facilitating deep emotional work. The nurturing environment and 10+ days
of bodywork was conducive to growth and transformation.
For anyone who wants to make significant changes in their life path, I suggest to either
take the basic JSD workshop (I will be holding one soon) or book a succession of
Jin Shin Do® sessions. Jin Shin Do® differs from other bodywork and acupressure in
that it facilitates the release of emotions and holding patterns which cause stress,
pain and discomfort in the body. When you have sessions for a few days in a row,
the bodymind does not have a chance to regress to it’s old ways and one is supported
to propel forward and break old habits.

Lasqueti Autumn Harvest

A couple of days after being home, I was blessed to watch the lunar eclipse with my daughter
Marisol and a friend. The earth, moon, and sun to not only aligned but they did it at a
convenient hour and there were no clouds!
It was a good way to be welcomed home.

Now along with doing a fall cleanse and clear out it’s time to prepare for our winter in Mexico.
I will be offering workshops and of course doing the usual spectacular ocean side bodywork.


Contact me if you are interested in a session or learning more about Jin Shin Do® Acupressure.

I will leave you with a couple of new items from Firma Energywear:

blue leggings

great for hot yoga or workouts or just under a skirt

great for hot yoga or workouts or just under a skirt

A word about the site name…

Ok, maybe everything is not beautiful, but, it’s a catchy song and it helps to imagine it said with a Mexican accent. My dear friend Beto, who mentored me in Zen-Shiatsu and Mexican healing often says “Everything is Beautiful”, especially when asked “how are you?”. So, there you have it. I’m not one of those over optimists, blind to my shadows. I hope you see the beauty all around you in your day.


Cortes Island

After three incredible workshops with Jin Shin Do® founder Iona Teeguarden in the fall, and another fantastic winter at La Penita RV Resort in Mexico, I am back on Cortes Island and ready to work with you. I feel as if I have experienced some quantum leaps in my knowledge and ability to assist clients in their process. Also, this winter I made some incredible contacts in Mexico who are using some very advanced medical techniques of which I will write more about later. Check out my page on Ozone Therapy.

Call me at 250 935 6508 for a consultation or to book an acupressure session